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uniVerse® CICP2100 Series POE Single-Door Controllers
Fast, easy cost-saving access control solution for adding 2 access control readers at any door

Now featuring EZ-learn mode for use in the CA4K software environment, the cost-saving CICP2100 & new surface mount CICP2100S Power Over Ethernet Controllers support two readers and/or one low current strike via POE. IT-friendly, supports POE or RS485, to downstream 10 controllers on 1 network drop. Dramatically reducing labor and equipment costs, the CICP2100 Series can be used networked with, or in place of conventional 2-16 Door Supertwo® or Accelaterm® Controllers and/or Networx® Wireless Access Control Locks. Up to 14 uniVerse Controllers can be networked together using RS485 high-speed repeat mode. There are two models, one that fits in a double-gang box and new surface-mount model, ideal for cinder block construction or any hard-to-wire applications.

  • Saves $1000/door dramatically reducing labor and equipment – Surface mount or fits in double gang box & powers ID readers & electric strike
  • New & improved! EZ learn networking
  • POE or optional 12V transformer
  • IT-friendly POE or RS485, to downstream 10 controllers on 1 network drop
  • POE Panel Supports 2 Readers for 1 Door
  • Superfast 54 MHz RISC Processor
  • Supports 200K cards
  • 4MB on-board memory
  • 1000 Standard transaction buffer, Expandable to 10,000
  • 256 Time schedules; 30,000 Access groups; 5x100 Holidays
  • 2 Form C Relay outputs, door and auxiliary (MOV- protected)
  • Supports power for low-current electric strike
  • Reader & Accessory Power- 350mA @5VDC & 700mA @12VDC
  • POE Onboard Ethernet
  • High Speed 921.6 KBPS baud communication support
  • Supports RS-485 Repeat Communication (4-wire) & Readers (2-wire)
  • 4 Supervised inputs
  • Unsurpassed FIPS/CAC/TWIC performance
  • 36-month Continental Warranty

CICP2100: Double-Gang Box POE Controller

CICP2100S: as above, but Surface Mount Controller, in Locking Metal Enclosure

Accelaterm CICP2800 Super-Speed

  • 16-Door Access Controller
  • Featuring:
  • 8 to 16 reader panel, minimum 40,000 card capacity, 100,000 - 200,000 typical, expandable to Million+
  • 10-Times Faster! Under 5-Minutes for full downloads (firmware & data). Onboard direct-connect LAN adapter for speeds over 921Kbps
  • Superfast 54MHz 32-bit processor
  • 4MB on-board memory, expandable to 20MB
  • 24 Supervised inputs; expandable to 72
  • 17 Form C-rated relay outputs, expandable to 65
  • 1000 Transaction buffer, expandable to 50,000(software dependent).
  • 256 Time Schedules; 30,000 Access groups; 5x100 Holidays
  • Unsurpassed FIPS/CAC/TWIC performance
  • Retrofit-Ready -Simultaneous multi-reader/ID credential support
  • Super-capacity power supply for max. standby & reader power, included
  • Virtually Environment- & Power Outage-Proof – Full onboard multi- stage lightning protection and fully distributed processing to internal memory (works as standalone system if server is down).
  • Lowest acquisition & maintenance costs – 3-year warranty

Use with new CA3000 v2.11 Software!

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Single Door Controller/Lock

CA4K Configuration
  • Up to 5000 badges
  • 1-2 Wiegand output devices (readers and or keypads) controlling one door
  • Downloadable Firmware loaded to Flash memory
  • 99 Time Schedules
  • 99 Access Groups
  • 5 sets of 30 Holidays
  • Supports up to 63 Networx Panels per Gateway
  • Inputs for door position contact to indicate the status of the door
  • Inputs for a remote release button or sensor
  • Proximity Card Formats Supported: Most formats supported
  • Onboard bi-directional Networx radio
  • Operating Temperature: 14-120°F (–10-49°C)
  • Input Power: 16.5VAC via Class 2 Plug-In 50VA- Transformer (supplied model TRF-14)
  • Maximum Lock Power Output Current: 1.5A @12VDC
  • Primary and Secondary Relays: SPDT Form C, N/O, N/C 8A @ 30VAC or VDC
  • Supplied Backup Battery: Sealed Lead Acid 4AH
  • Battery Backup Time: Approximately 2 hours at full load
  • Housing Dimensions (H x W x D): 10.5 x 8.5 x 3 in. (26.6 x 21.6 x 7.6 cm)

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Trilogy Networx

Continental Controllers

Continental's Turbo Superterm and SuperTwo control panels are expandable, intelligent and capable of supporting all access control functions. These distributed processor-based panels will operate as standalone units if server-communications are interrupted. Panels are programmed with CardAccess software, a Windows based access control and security management solution. Legacy panels are field expandable, allowing for longer life and for adding features and enhancements. Continental's controllers feature extensive multi-stage lightning/transient protection on-board for maximum reliability even in harsh environments. Our Continental panels accept industry standard Wiegand output devices and supports virtually all card/reader technologies. Proximity, Biometric, Magnetic Stripe, Barcode, Wiegand, Barium Ferrite, Keypad and Smart Readers are easily connected and controlled.


  • 2 doors
  • Supports 20,000 – 125,000 cards
  • 5 to 48 outputs; 8 to 48 inputs
  • High speed communications
  • Optional Onboard Network Adapter

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Super Two I/O Expander

  • Up to 3 additional Super Two I/O Expansion Boards are housed in matching enclosure
  • Each Super Two Expansion board supports up to 16 inputs and 16 relays, for a system max. of 48 inputs & 48 outputs

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Turbo Superterm 8

  • 8 doors
  • Supports 20,000 – 210,000 cards
  • 17 to 65 outputs; 24 to 72 inputs
  • High speed communication & transaction performance
  • 4-door Turbo Superterm 4 also available

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Legacy Panels

  • 4 doors
  • 2,400 to 130,000 cards
  • 2 door
  • 3200 cards
  • 1 door
  • 1,100 cards

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Continental Controller Comparison Matrix

AL-IME2-EXP: Expander Module

AL-IM2-80211: Gateway

AL-IME2-PIE: Plug-In Expander Module

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